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Here are the services we offer. 
Services available can be bundled. Your space is for you to create.


• Entryways
• Bedroom
• Bathroom
• Living Rooms/Dens
• Kitchen
• Baby Room
• Shared Spaces
• Cabinets
• Food Pantries
• Linen and Clothing Closets


​• Bookshelves
• Storage Areas
• Play Rooms
• Garage
• Laundry Rooms
• Packing & Unpacking
• Downsizing
• Upsizing 

Our Services: Services

I am totally blown away by the incredibly professional and quality service that Bonnie offers. I felt heard and supported during the entire process and was completely in awe of the finished project that Bonnie and I worked together on. If you need someone that is dedicated to listening to your needs and valuing your vision, then it’s Bonnie you’re looking for. She has an INCREDIBLE work ethic, and is as honest as they come.

And what a designers eye she has. I brought to her a problem area of my house and said, what do you think? She offered a solution I would have NEVER thought of, and when all was said and done I was just completely amazed. It was like she went into my head and created something I WISHED I could have in my house but wasn’t able to create myself.

Worth every penny and then some. I can’t wait to continue working alongside her as she transforms my home into the space I’ve always wanted. Bonnie was so respectful of my home and family, it was a privilege having her.

To state it simply, Bonnie is hardworking, compassionate, and trust worthy. There is absolutely no one better for the job than her and every time I come into the space she helped me create I feel overwhelming gratitude and joy. She is a life changer, don’t second guess yourself when thinking about whether or not you need her for your clutter busting, reorganizing and decorating needs. Trust me, you do

Anna G.

Our Services: Testimonials
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