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COVID-19 has had an immeasurable impact on all of us. Our clients, organizing team, business partners, and community supports among many others have felt the waves of this pandemic as we continue to distance ourselves in effort to stay safe. However, you still need us and we still need you! So what can we do to ensure our collective health and safety as we work together?

COVID-19 Measures: Text

  • Currently, I hold a certification in Pandemic Awareness Training through the Worksite Safety Compliance Centre. Through my on-going education surrounding the pandemic, both myself and my team are up to date on safety protocols and distancing measures.

  • All initial consults are currently being held over the phone. After our first conversation, we will organize a meeting where we can view your space with distance, and proper personal protective equipment.

  • When we are in your space, we are fully masked, being mindful of where we go and what we touch.

  • We bring only what we need into your space. This includes a small, sanitized organizing “kit” of organizing supplies. We do not bring our own personal items into your space. 

  • We carry Clorox disinfectant kits with us at all times to wipe down surfaces we may have touched, and hand sanitizer for our hands.​

  • Communication is key. If you have any questions regarding what my work looks like in your space, please get in contact with me. 

Crowd with Masks
COVID-19 Measures: Terms of Use
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